Tuesday, April 7, 2009

While the Teens are Away, the Little People Will Play!

Brad and I have a split family. The teens....and the little people (as Brad calls them). Jessica is 16, Heather soon to be 14, which she reminds me almost hourly now, Jared 9, Kimberlee 8 and Dallin who is 5. Why is this relevant? Well, because it causes differences in family activities concerning what may be fun to the teens is not so for the little people. Well, one afternoon, the teens ventured out on their own adventure with other hormonal adolescents which freed up the Big kids (mom and dad), to play with the 'little people'. And oh what an adventure we had!

We started out in Mexico (local Mexican food restaurant) which tickled our taste buds with the finest of authentic Mexican cuisine. I do recall, however, that our pickiest eater Kimberlee, dined on French fries, fried in America, by a Hispanic cook. Ya...figure that one out!

After the last of the white cheese dip was devoured by my son, aka Taco Boy Jared, we took off to Willy Wonka's candy store......the local Fred's candy aisle. Now, we did not tell the kids where we were going during our adventure, they learned as we went along. They made out like bandits each picking out their own mini candy bar package, making a trip down the toy aisle and to the register to pay for their sweet pieces of childish grandeur.

We then made a stop off at Wonderland, the local park, and the kids took off into wild adventures of swinging from the tallest playground you can imagine, well from the eyes of children anyways, ran all their wiggles out and landed in the back seat of the car for the last leg of their unknown journey to....Los Angeles, Ramen Theatre...or the local Clarksville 4 screen cinema!

Our little movie star.
If only she could be swinging from a star. I hope that she reaches for them and beyond and gain life's eternal star.

The kids were joined by their Grandma Pentzer who enjoyed the whole afternoon with us hopefully as much as we enjoyed her. She graciously attended 'Race to Witch Mountain' with the little people and allowed the big kids to sneak off for a movie of their own. With 5 kids, there isn't much time for the parents, but we are ever so grateful, with even the smallest of budgets, that we can find great adventures right here in our own hometown!

Me and our little people...rare moments like these are a mother's greatest treasure. In minutes that turn into hours, then days turn into months, I have begun to realize how quickly they do grow. But as I learn to polish and care for each one of Heavenly Father's gifts to me, I understand their worth, which is far more precious than rubies. I am thankful for these precious gems!